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Now you can run your own banner exchange

BannerPlus is banner exchange software for use on unix and NT servers. It is easy to install and configure using the auto-configure function. It should not be necessary to make any changes to the code.

BannerPlus is available in three versions: v0.9 is free and fully functioning banner exchange software. BannerPlus Pro costs $75 and incorporates all of the features of the freeware version plus many additional features. BannerPlus Gold is the high-end product for busy banner exchanges. It has the same features as BannerPlus Pro but is written in C which reduces CPU and memory overhead to a minimum. Click here for a full list of the features of each version.

New: BannerPlus Gold

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BannerPlus allows users to enter the details of their site and banner. Banners can be of any size. New exchange members can be automatically awarded a specified number of free 'credits'. The code which they must include on their pages, along with instructions, will be shown to new members. Thereafter members will earn extra credits according to the ratio defined by the administrator (the default ratio is one credit for every two banners displayed on the member site). This default ratio can be changed for all new users, or each user can have their own ratio defined. Extra credits can also be added for any existing member. Members can modify their details and monitor the success of their banner advertising. BannerPlus now also includes a referral system so that members can earn extra credits for referring new members to the exchange.

New software from Drummond Miles: A1 Statistics, an easy-to-use and versatile statistics script which does not require log files or SSI. Check where your traffic is coming from. Oh, and it's free.

v0.9 is being distributed as freeware. It can be freely downloaded and used. It may be modified as long as the copyright information remains intact. Do not remove the link to BannerPlus in the footer subroutine of bpsubs.cgi.

Any use of any version of this program is entirely at the risk of the user. No liability will be accepted by the author.

No version of BannerPlus code may be sold, even in modified form, without the written permission of the author. The code must also not be distributed without the permission of the author.

Use of the software will be taken as acceptance of the above terms.

Email Contact: Drummond Miles